The chicken.
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Chapter IV: Heros

I finally finished writing and thumbnailing chapter 4. I used to only make thumbnail sketches about 4 pages ahead because I like to leave room for improvisation to keep myself interested, but that method hasn’t served me well with this story – it is too complex and the risk of making a mistake in a single edict that could upset the entire plot made me nervous. So I am trying a new method, actually planning out the comic. It is like taking a long circuitous route with a lot of stops and frustrations only to arrive at the exact method that everybody else uses and which I was told about from the very start.

There are two ways to learn things: learning from others and the hard way. I have a problem with authority and being instructed in any manner whatsoever, so I take the hard way and do all the mistakes possible myself.

I am excited for this next chapter and I hope you will like it!

(Heros is not a typo, it is latin for hero.)

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