Good hosts

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  1. Lakitra says:

    Ouch, my heart. This page is kinda painfull, what with the hungry children. But I like how you built up to that realisation; with a nice normal scene at the top and then the slight oddity of the woman cleaning out the pot. It works really well.
    I’m not really impressed by the emperor’s care for his people at this point. Though of course I might be mistaken, and he is doing all this to keep a greater evil at bay. I kinda doubt it, though.

  2. Lakitra says:

    Good to see you as well 🙂 I actually used to read Corner Alley back when you were updating that, and I’m not sure I ever commented. I’ll try to do better here.

    I’m sure a bare minimum of care makes the list, somewhere. After all, keeping your workforce alive and functioning is good sense – they’re a reasonably valuable commodity. From what you’ve shown so far, “gaining wealth/power” should be firmly on the list of goals, including gaining new workers. (Of course, if gaining new workers is easy, maintaining them might be less of a priority.)

    • Emily says:

      It would make sense to care about the workforce… but that supposes that there is a shortage of workers to make them valuable. We’ll see as we get closer to the centre of the Empire 🙂

      Oh fun! CA13 was so long ago but I had fun with it ^^. I still have notes for more stories but I needed to try something different for a while.

  3. Lakitra says:

    It was fun! But I can definitely understand wanting to try something else. It was a such huge, long-term project, and I actually think you ended it in a really good place. I’ve reread Chronic Tourism a couple of times, so I think you should know that your art is still being actively enjoyed and admired all these years after. And now I get to enjoy new work from you. So thanks 🙂

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