Hi! My name is Emily Ryan and I am an illustrator and comic artist. I love to create funny and fantastical images in a clear, friendly style that your mom would approve of.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden
Currently residing in Los Angeles, USA
+46 72 578 84 22
+1 (310)351-4252

Pathetically sorry

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  • Sero October 2, 2015 04:14

    I just love the scribe’s design! 😀
    Also bahahahaha Nowan! Pleasantly surprised to find this update, worth any wait~

  • Lindsay April 3, 2017 19:49

    Oh, my! I just realized you had another comic published online. I was a big fan of Corner Alley 13. However, it looks like this hasn’t been updated in a long time. Is it on hiatus or have you moved on to other projects? I would love to know what you’ve been up to after so long. Hope you’re doing well! I wish you a long and successful journey.

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