Hi! My name is Emily Ryan and I am an illustrator and comic artist. I love to create funny and fantastical images in a clear, friendly style that your mom would approve of.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden
Currently residing in Los Angeles, USA
+46 72 578 84 22
+1 (310)351-4252

Secret Agent Cinder

Secret Agent Cinder

In this game, you play as a revolutionary agent Cinder. Your mission is to infiltrate the Royal Ball, dodge the guards and steal the Secret Military Plans, all before midnight. The opulence of Versailles disgusts you as you walk through the gilded rooms. Then there is the prince who keeps getting in your way.


It took about 6 weeks of drawing, coding and testing to make this playable version. I enjoyed making the rooms of Versailles true to the original.

Made with Twine.

Secret Agent Cinder won the 2015 XYZZY award for Best Use of Multimedia.

Russian version of the game. Thanks to Alexander Yakovlev for translating!


Character Design, Comics, Design, Featured, Games, Illustration


January 16, 2017