Hi! My name is Emily Ryan and I am an illustrator and comic artist. I love to create funny and fantastical images in a clear, friendly style that your mom would approve of.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden
Currently residing in Los Angeles, USA
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How the City Works – Water and Recycling

How the City Works – Water and Recycling

Illustrations for an educational book series for children on how the city works. Vega puts her rubbish in the recycling bins at home, but what happens afterward? Tobbe takes her along in his rubbish truck to all the places the materials go and they discover what happens next.

In book 1, Vega wonders where the water in the tap comes from, and where it goes afterwards. Aunt Malin is an engineer. She shows Vega around the water cleaning plant and takes her to all the places that play a role in how we get clean water through the tap,  what happens to the rain water and where poo goes after we flush.

Take a trip underground and find out how it all connects together!


Ellen Hall


Rabén & Sjögren

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September 10, 2022