Hi! My name is Emily Ryan and I am an illustrator and comic artist. I love to create funny and fantastical images in a clear, friendly style that your mom would approve of.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden
Currently residing in Los Angeles, USA
+46 72 578 84 22
+1 (310)351-4252

Corner Alley 13

Corner Alley 13

Corner Alley 13

Corner Alley 13

Completed fantasy humour comic, 400+ pages

A webcomic that ran 2003-2010. Still available to read on Comicgenesis.

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Comic introduction to Corner Alley 13

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Noelle Manchi’des

An elf who is so enamoured with human society that she is desperate to assimilate. Consequently, she is self-conscious about her ears. Hard-working and tenacious, she only ever gives up temporarily.


Delicate faerie. Trusting and sweet. Possibly magical. Came to the Human world on an important mission, but forgot all about it when Dusty got her drunk.


A dwarf and a drunk. Probably only in the Human world because he discovered that human beer tastes better. Always good-humoured, he rarely uses the axes that he carries with him everywhere. Has an avuncular relationship to Rosie.

Drel, character from Corner Alley 13


A shape-shifting, shifty thief. The only one of the group who can pass as Human. What is he up to? Why this preoccupation with Noelle?

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