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Chapter IV: Heros

Chapter IV: Heros

I finally finished writing and thumbnailing chapter 4. I used to only make thumbnail sketches about 4 pages ahead because I like to leave room for improvisation to keep myself interested, but that method hasn’t served me well with this story – it is too complex and the risk of making a mistake in a single edict that could upset the entire plot made me nervous. So I am trying a new method, actually planning out the comic. It is like taking a long circuitous route with a lot of stops and frustrations only to arrive at the exact method that everybody else uses and which I was told about from the very start.

There are two ways to learn things: learning from others and the hard way. I have a problem with authority and being instructed in any manner whatsoever, so I take the hard way and do all the mistakes possible myself.

I am excited for this next chapter and I hope you will like it!

(Heros is not a typo, it is latin for hero.)

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  • Lakitra March 2, 2020 7:15 pm

    You updated! Yay!
    I agree that this is quite a complicated story, so I can understand that it would take a lot of effort to plan out. Honestly, I think I’ll have to reread the story soon to really grasp what’s going on. But for what it’s worth, I’m not planning to keep an exhaustive list of every edict you show 😉 Just keeping up with the general rules of how the edicts work is enough for me.
    I do find it interesting that Scribe can apparently pick and choose what words to focus on in an edict. Useful, very creative 🙂 Did we know that already? I can’t remember, I guess I’ll go check.
    The blue colors work well, btw.

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