Hi! My name is Emily Ryan and I am an illustrator and comic artist. I love to create funny and fantastical images in a clear, friendly style that your mom would approve of.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden
Currently residing in Los Angeles, USA
+46 72 578 84 22
+1 (310)351-4252



The Emperor's Word is Law. No one can resist, no one is above the Law. Until a rebel duo find a boy named "No one". A...

Slurp comic


A man meets a shy, attractive woman in Victorian England. He is drawn to her. In that he is not alone. ...

Corner Alley 13

Corner Alley 13

Fantasy creatures immigrate to present day USA. One dwarf, one faerie and one ambitious elf walk into a bar and strange events are set in...

The Letter

At this boarding school, letters home are monitored. This student won't stand for it. ...